Motisonic offers a variety of pre-production, recording, mixing and other audio related services. Our focus is on capturing and presentiing lush, full fidelity recordings using simple, minimal recording techniques and finely crafted equipment and vintage equipment restore by Motisonic.

Facilities offer an unusual collection of premium analogue equipment compliemented with usual digital gear including:

  • Preamps by Millennia, Studer and Focusrite
  • 22 channels of vintage Studer recording and mixdown
  • Compression by Millennia, Chandler, Studio Electronics, Studer and DBX
  • EQ by Studer and Manley
  • Microphones by Brauner, Audio Technica, Shure, Electro-Voice and Royer
  • Monitoring on ATC SCM20ASL
  • Motu/Digital Performer Mac based recording system with Digital Audio Denmark Converters, Wave and AudioEase plug-ins
  • More equipment too embarrassing to mention.

Synthesisers/Drum Machines include Prophet 5, Prophet 600, DX-7, Jupiter 6, PolyEvolver, MicroWave, Pro-One, DrumTraks, Drumulator, Vermona DRM MKII. MOTM and other modular synth modules, Roland XV2020, Proteus, Procussion, TXz-81, MAM Vocoder, guitars, basses, amps, etc.

For a listing of some of our projects, please visit the Projects page.

Contact us to discuss your project at info at motisonic dot com.