Recent Sketches, Compositions and Recordings

All material, including sound recordings, herein is P & © 2007 -- 2010 Paul Dhillon Weber, all rights reserved.



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Completed 7/11/10

Northwest 382 set to maintain 2000

Set to maintain 2000, Nortwest 382


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Completed 12/21/09

This is an LCD (from grammar school maths) kind of a song. However, I felt that as party to both the delegation and the reception of the run-around I had some banal things to say about it in a hella 80s retro-tune kind of way. The lyrics are provided below for your consideration and assignment.

Production Notes: Drums played by Celso Alberti. Paul plays guitars, bass, Trembling Synth [Prophet-5], Arp Solina and intro-techno-beat [PolyEvolver].

For those really interested, I mixed this song on my newly restored MCI JH-110B with "hot rodded electronics". Honestly, I can barely hear the difference between the stock parts and my higher quality components. More significantly, I cannot tell you which one sounds "better". Anyway, I mixed this tune once at 15ips and another time at 30ips. The two AIFF files are provided below. Please note that there are slight mix variations because I mixed the tune manually through an analogue mixer -- but otherwise, the two are identical. I really drove these super hard to tape -- perhaps too much so. These are big files:



RunAround: We rose with vigour intent upon action/First you hesitate then second guess and shelve me high and dry/Was I mistaken misunderstanding all your runaround//You say this feels good/Your body's electric/Then you short, unplug the source and power down/Do the sunspots cause interference or just the runaround?//Mi amore/The service I give thee comes not on the cheap nor for free/Mi amore/The bullshit that you weave may work on other blokes but it won’t work on me/It won’t work on me//It starts with the loathing/With charm that bear nothing/Hanging like some punk lost in your noxious funk is the exquisite drag/It's your catastrophes and inconsistencies and all your run-around/It’s so exhausting/You grind my patience to the ground with all your runaround


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Completed 9/04/09

This is the first song that I have ever recorded that uses a repeat and fade. I tried to do an appropriately poor rush job like a producer who has an appointment with his A&R man/dealer and two blonds from Kyoto. "I'm outta here..."

Production Notes: Drums played by Celso Alberti. Guitars, 80s Strings [Prophet-5 & MicroWave XT], Square-Wave Bass [Pro-One with MOTM CS-80 VCF], Vocals -- Paul

Perspective: Oh evening eye of slumber/ Shield me from the amber and fog/ I drift above a circle/ Then I wake up on the surface with a bump/ The only thing I know is/ The only thing I know is I'm going round and down/ When the evening eye storms/ I'm lit up by the amber and fog

I'm running with chosen/ I suit up with winners in this game/ But no one seems to notice/ And no one dares to question all the doubt I sustain/ Antagonised and atomised/ I'll organise and strategise to no avail/ The only thing that's certain/ The only thing I'm certain/ Is that I do this to myself

Just give me time/ I need to know how to get this right/ How to get this right/ Just give me space/ I need to know how to get this right/How to fight this fight

I know I've lost perspective/ Yes, I know I've lost perspective on this scene/ My hollowed chest is burning/ They're leeching all the marrow from the bone/ I can't conceive to calm myself/ No, I cannot seem to calm myself and let those small lies slide/ There's no belief inside myself/ No there's no belief that I can tell/ When I'm forced to take a dive/ And given all the damning/ And given all the damage that I've done

The Darling Bugs

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Completed 8/07/09

Do the darling buds give way to the darling bugs?

I wrote this piece to support Gary Pillai's reading of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 which we recorded in London in 2007. (His reading of Hamlet was used in The Disappearing Me tune on Sago.) I have been writing a lot of pieces around the ghazal form, centering efforts on getting the tuning and form right but never attempting to sound sonically "authentic".

Production Notes: Half-past four tuned violin -- Pro One through MOTM CS-80 VSF, bells, washes and bass -- Prophet 5, Solina -- Poly Evolver, Fender Rhodes, stepped resonance -- Jupiter 6, Satarji's bongos -- Vermona DRM1-mkII with heavy petting on the parameters. Buffed with iron-oxide at 520 nw/m. Absolutely no presets or samples.

It's My Job to Freeze You

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Completed 2/08/09

I'm more than machine or man. More than a fusion of the two. Don't you agree? Wait for the winds. Then, my birds sing and the deep grottoes whisper my name: Box... Box... Box...

Production Notes: Pulsing chords and choir -- XV-2020, Little Punk and bass -- Pro One, percussion Vermona DRM1-mkII (Veronica), pulled sounds -- Jupiter 6, Chinese weather report -- Manderin internet radio, guitar.

B u t t e r S w a m p

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Completed 5/04/08

I wanted the piece to sound like a Smithsonian archival recording that might have made by pioneering audiologists in the jungles of Java in the 1920s. You know, ones that included the loss of five of a twelve-person team, including the good Dr. Harland Elijah Johnston. The following was sourced from his log:

"The pernicious absence of virtuous Christian values has led to dysentery among my men and in the course of a fortnight we have lost Schrimpton, Ellis, Wallace, Lord Burton and ulitmately, me".

Production Notes: Gamelans and mosquitoes – Poly Evolver, whistle and wash – Jupiter 6, bass – Pro-One, recording of woman – internet, glitch – AudioMulch.

M i n i v a n

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Pending April 2008

This piece came about in April 2008 as a challenge from a friend to write and record a complete song based on a given title -- Minivan -- within three days. Deadlines are great for getting stuff done; you simply get to work and commit to whatever garbage your creative process puts out. I never liked where the piece was going but had to capitulate if I was ever going to complete it on time.

Now I accept and feel better for it.

T h e W o r l d B e y o n d

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Completed 2006

I listen to loads of podcasts -- mostly talk. You know, Start the Week, Forum, stuff like that.

KQED Forum had Biologist Wangari Maathai talking about her environmental work in Kenya. (Check out the broadcast ) At some point, she took command of the show and launched into the emphatic monologue contained herein. Originally, I made the piece so that I could listen to it and remind myself why I am here, what I am doing, etc. But others liked it so here it is.

Production Notes: All Radio India drum – Poly Evolver, xylophone VX-2020, electronic drums -- Vermona DRM1-mkII, belches, distortions, detuning call and responses – Jupiter 6, rich ping – Waldorf Wave XT, bass – Pro-One, vocalisations – Paul Weber, wisdom – Wangari Maathai.

W i p e b l a d e C o n f i d e n t i a l

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Completed 2004

I don't remember too much about this piece except that I wrote and recorded it in one sitting. It was a sort of KruderundDorfmister piss-take. My approach and attitude undoubtedly offended the gods who promptly caused one of my drives to fail at the close of the session. Luckily I cut a mix of it before my Mac crashed and scrambled the project files.