About Motisonic/Contact

Motisonic is the music services and production company based in San Francisco. It is a division of M4moti, Inc.

M4moti, Inc. was started in 2001 by Paul Weber as a company to offer a variety of recording and consulting services. After a few years, it became clear that M4moti had developed a name for business and systems consulting and that the production services needed its own brand.

Moti is known to some sub-continentals as "fat". We needed to articulate that the "M" was for Moti and not, say, for something else. Others argue that it means "pearl", but this is more a matter of emphasis on the last syllable. Diplomatically, we could argue that we are pearly fat or fatty pearls. As is often said before purchasing 750ml of the finest single malt, "you choose".

Having established that the butter-ji was greasing the skillet, Motisonic was created in the support of sound cooked and purified from churned milk fat.

Motisonic hopes that this explanation helps to reduce the confusion of which division offers business consulting and which division offeres production services.

  • M4moti = Business Consulting --> go to www.m4moti.com
  • Motisonic = Production Services <--> you are here

Now, it should be as clear as butter...

Please contact Paul Weber at info at motisonic dot com for more information or to discuss your music project.